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janna - why am I doing this

The study of humanities is propelled through love.

Since I was a child, I was perplexed by how an individual forms a value and how this influences the bigger society. How does a child mature and cement their worldview as an adult? How can a singular train of thought lead to actions that might either save thousands of lives or instigate widespread devastation? Who establishes the standards for what is right and wrong?

I’ve long been fascinated in how neural circuits direct how our brains make sense of everchanging data in a complex world. These thoughts are translated into the behavior that governs an individual’s entire quality of life. When confronted with a challenge, some choose to surrender, while others find a way to prosper despite adversity. What factors contribute to these differing responses, why do they occur, and how can we as a society nurture the creation of the latter?

As I habitually deliberated the impact of our minds across various social actors including myself, I’ve naturally gravitated to volunteering and teaching at children’s camps, orphanages, and homeless shelters; consequently, these experiences served to deepen my empathy for the "underprivileged". I learned first hand that neglected mental health is intertwined with systemic poverty, violence, and stereotyping. As a result, I held to neuroscience as a bastion of clarity since it is a stronghold in showing the raw repercussions of inequality that is ingrained in our social structure. ​

The tribulations I processed during my own childhood was incomprehensible until quite recently. Now in a much more stable position, I am equipped to help others, drawing on my own experiences to empathize with those facing similar struggles.


Throughout my life, I've had the privilege to meet and love many wise and talented individuals who've suffered tremendously. These hidden gems of society often lack the courage to dream after confronting the inevitable challenges posed by societal hierarchies. I realized that having a good heart and a sharp mind were insufficient for them to lead a decent life. I couldn't continue living a privileged life, solely concerned with my own material progress, while fully aware of others' suffering. I want them to have a voice. 

My life has been enriched by the generous support and labor of others, without which my previous dreams wouldn't have come to fruition. The least I can do in return is to give back to the world. I strive to ensure that each of my interactions, no matter how fleeting or enduring, adds value to the lives of others. 

I am committed to a life of service, pledging to utilize my privileges as a force for others until my final day. 

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