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Traveler in Nature
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Jillian Perrone

Jillian Perrone is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington, where she is pursuing dual majors in Psychology (B.S.) and English (B.A.). Her academic passions are fueled by her exploratory pursuit of philosophy, which complements her curiosity beyond the confines of formal academia. Jillian aspires to earn a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, intent on exploring the complex nuances of neural communication and its impact on our experiences and perceptions. She hopes to bring this knowledge full circle, returning to the academic domain as a professor.

Beyond academia, Jillian's active engagement with local organizations underscores her deep commitment and love to her community, embodying her innate sense of social responsibility. In the margins of her rigorous academic and volunteer schedule, Jillian finds solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature, invigorating existential debates, and the vibrant spectrum of artistic expression. Her varied interests mirror her multifaceted approach to life and learning.

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