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Christina Björnström

Christina Björnström, Co-founder and CEO of Nooroot, an AI/security analysis firm in stealth mode, has a diverse background spanning multiple industries. Previously an Executive Director at the Financial Policy Council, she is now the leader of a 75k+ Women in Tech community on Fishbowl and Founder of Ström Consulting. She also co-founded Atlantic Xing and provides advice to startups in autonomous driving, AI, and edtech sectors.  


Christina's experience includes key roles at Terranet AB, a self-driving software firm, and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New England. At the latter, she made significant contributions to establishing Boston as a strategic interest point for Swedish business and investment ecosystems and ran numerous events focused on Swedish-American trade relations.  


An advocate for STEM education, Christina has launched several initiatives, co-founded three tech startups and regularly contributes to discussions and podcasts on relevant topics. Besides, she serves as a FutureHack Instructor, a Hult Prize Finals Judge since 2016, and mentors finalists in top startup competitions.

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